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Change of Address

posted 19 Sep 2013, 11:11 by Philip Michael Raab

We have moved.
Take a look at the map to see the amassing area we are in. Yip, its pretty close to our old place but we have far more open land and prettier trails.

Come on by and check it out :)

Riding in Bollywood

posted 7 Nov 2012, 16:15 by Philip Michael Raab

Bollywood Ride

Facebook Page for Cathedral Created

posted 11 Apr 2012, 12:13 by Philip Michael Raab

Groupon and on and on and ...

posted 27 Feb 2012, 23:40 by Philip Michael Raab

Well we did the whole Groupon thing a few days ago and the response is overwhelming, still.

We are currently working on processing all the requests and at people dates and times.

Please drop us an email with your information and we will get back to you. We are doing this first in first out, so please hang in there we should be done with the list in another day or two.

We will be putting up a list of available slots this evening. BUT this list is by far definitive since we will only update the web version every few bookings.

Site updates

posted 18 Feb 2012, 05:17 by Philip Michael Raab

Two quick updates to the site giving you more information about the lessons and outrides we offer.

This has all the pricing and duration and other cost related info.

Also pricing and what we offer for outrides.

Arena in progress

posted 28 Jan 2012, 01:04 by Philip Michael Raab

Well here is a pic of the area that will be our arena. Still lots to do but the first step is made.

The Arena has begun

posted 12 Jan 2012, 11:04 by Philip Michael Raab   [ updated 12 Jan 2012, 11:09 ]

Well the land for the new arena is in the process of being cleared and levelled.

Soon... yay

Will snap some pics tomorrow and upload.

Cathedral got a Google+ Page

posted 13 Nov 2011, 17:27 by Philip Michael Raab

Added a google+ page... 

Enjoy :)

Some minor site updates

posted 5 Nov 2011, 22:13 by Philip Michael Raab

Righty did some minor site updates:

  • Added a +1 button (feel free to add as many of our pages as you like... wink wink)
  • Add a rss subscription in main menu, this goes via feed burner
  • The main search lets you pick site or guide now, so the individual search will go soon
  • Guide search has labels, clicking on a label will refine the results to the category
and that's is for now :)

Standard size arena - update

posted 27 Oct 2011, 16:12 by Philip Michael Raab

We are in the process of adding a standard size arena for those who don't know. Sadly the costs are high and it will take a bit of time till its ready. But we are making progress.
The land has been allocated and checked for underground cables and such (which there are rather more than expected).
The pecan nut trees that once called the spot home have been migrated. For those that have not been to us, the land was a pecan nut farm so there are many trees.
Next: Clear the vegetation and then to grade the area.

Step 1 Image:
Area for arena cleared

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